So I finally made the jump to a static blog.

I have been contemplating this move for quite some time now. Mostly it’s been a consideration between Pelican (Python) and Jekyll (Ruby). Where Jekyll has been more tempting with the huge ecosystem around Octopress to benefit from.

The downside with Jekyll, and Octopress especially, is that I have to keep an entire framework of blog generating software around. This was a lesser problem with Pelican which was smaller, but still a limitation.

Enter Hugo. Hugo is (yet) another static blog generator, this time written in Go. While I don’t have to touch any of the Go code myself it has some benefits in being compiled and because of that it’s blazingly fast. It also doesn’t enforce any directory structure or configuration formats (the default being TOML).

Setting everything up has been a breeze. I write my posts in Markdown, commit them to a GitHub repository which automatically notifies a build system which downloads everything and generates the blog. It then uploads the generated blog files to the web server and *bam*, we’re live.

I will keep this blog on a temporary domain until I have managed to migrate over all my old posts. Or well, at least the ones I’d like to keep.

Update: I have finally begun migrating my old posts so this blog has replaced my old one. A lot of old content has disappeared in the migration. I’ve kept what little I liked as well as the posts that got a lot of traffic.